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tame sparrows

Holly and I headed east to Old Spitalfields Market and Origin: The Contemporary Craft Fair today. Well worth our hour on the tube – and Heavenly having Holly with me – the newly appointed Director of Shopping! She has such a brilliant eye – not that it was needed. Everything was stunning. I loved the […]


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The Magic of Music in a Perfect Place

ceiling 180

I understand how the look of a place effects how we feel, but I am ignorant when it comes to sound. Until last night I had not fully appreciated just how powerful a combination music and space could be. All Saints Church in Putney is a beautiful Arts and Crafts building – a collaboration between […]


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Top 10 Secret Sources from guest decorhunter: Liivi Hess

Livvi Hess

People are always asking me for our secret sources. Just where do you get that special something that will really make a difference to a room? We are blessed with so much to choose from that selecting something for your home, or even just knowing where to start, can become an impossible task. Only yesterday […]


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Does Decor Matter?

dad in garden

I had to move my Dad from a care home into a nursing home yesterday. Not an easy thing to do – you know it is another inevitable step towards the end. And it led me to the thought “does decor matter?” I bagged up all the personal possessions in Dad’s room – his clothes, […]


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Design Centre Goes Soft and Cuddly

chelsea harbour

What a great improvement the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre wool installation makes to the place. Usually ever so slightly intimidating, it was lovely to have the company of a few very friendly sheep from last weeks’ wool week. And it all tied in so neatly with the fabric workshop that Janet Wilson ran this morning. […]


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The BLOG of a Creature of Comfort


When I’m not fishing the most comfortable place in the world is the one where my daughters love to be. It is a tatty, dark blue, three-seat sofa with rolled arms and it squats Budda-like, in front of the TV and fireplace in our family home in Hampshire.  I think we bought it from a small interiors shop in Portsmouth about the […]


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Dear Mum and Dad, a wall to you – the world to me


The biggest difference between an adult and a teenager is that an adult owns things. Admittedly I could buy something with my pocket money, but it’s not going to be mine, not really, as my parents have put that money in my pocket. This can be extremely frustrating for someone gasping for independence and creative […]


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