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Shopping at Kempton Market – a great place to buy individual pieces for your home

In Action

Last week we finally made it, to the Sunbury Antiques Market  at Kempton. I have been meaning to go for ages but had difficulty balancing the early start with the anticipation of the pleasure of what I might find. Fortunately Susanna was suitably motivated after our painted furniture workshop, and prompted us into action.

It was a big success. Lots of fun – and full of great stuff. If you are thinking of going here are 7 simple tips:

1. It really is worth getting up early. We were there by 6.30 – and not a minute too soon. The goodies disappear fast.

2. Take wads of cash. This is a bargain hunters paradise, but there is no point trying to flash the plastic. Cash is king.

3. If you see it buy it. Don’t try too hard to bargain. Our experience was that everything was priced to sell and if you walk away from a little gem someone will swoop in behind you and pick it up.


4. It is worth going just for the decorative ideas – beautifully painted furniture, bookcases lined with wallpaper and table tops inlaid with silk.

5. You will discover all sorts of interesting and unusual things. Susanna spotted a fabulous coat of arms that would have been a fun talking point on the playroom wall – but it wasn’t to be (see point 2 and 3 above).

6. It covers a large area, but if you are focussed and have a plan you can cover off the section and sellers you want to review fairly quickly and get back into London before the rush-hour traffic builds up.

7. Take an umbrella. It is largely outside.

Good luck! www.sunburyantiques.com

If you have been to this or other markets please share your comments.

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