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6 reasons to paint your furniture

6 reasons to paint your furniture

Hi! My name is Louisa Blackmore and I run a company called West Egg which sells restored antique and vintage furniture and decorative home accessories. I personally source and restore the majority of our furniture stock, and during the restoration process I often decide to paint a certain piece for various reasons. In collaboration with the decor cafe, I run regular furniture painting workshops in London to share my tips and tricks for perfecting the art of painting and waxing furniture. We thought it would be fun to share with you some of the reasons I decide to paint furniture in the first place. If you’d like more information about these workshops please click here.

1.Lighten up for Summer

Dark furniture, particularly big pieces such as a wardrobe can really dominate a living space and cast an almost gloomy presence in the room. The same piece of furniture painted in lighter colour will create a completely different effect. I personally love Old White by Annie Sloan. It captures the relaxed French white perfectly: creamy, with a hint of grey and a soft, chalky textured finish to it.

2.Round the Kitchen Table

The ubiquitous pine kitchen table is a great example of how you can completely transform the appearance of a room just by painting the frame and legs and sanding the top back. For a subtle relaxed feel use soft, muted tones such as a light grey or duck egg blue or for a more vibrant look use bright greens or reds. The chairs can be painted to match the legs or a complimentary colour instead, and add cushions or re-upholstered seats to finish the look. Really, any piece of wooden furniture can be painted, even smaller decorative pieces like old wooden picture frames can be updated in the same way.

3. Cheap as chips

With a tin of paint costing under £20, painting an existing piece of furniture in your home is far cheaper alternative to buying a replacement piece. Additional materials including brushes, cloths and waxes might bump your initial outlay up to £40, but the paints, waxes and brushes last well providing they are kept in the right conditions and well cared for.

4. Super Easy, Super Quick

Chalk paints are exceptionally easy to use. There is no need to sand down or prepare surfaces in any way, the chalk paints will easily go over varnished surfaces. The paints also dry quickly so there are not days of drying time in between coats.

5. Environmental friendly

I really believe in helping the environment any way we can. Upcycling existing pieces of furniture is one of the best ways to recycle and in the end, you have a unique piece in your home which adds character and personality, and we all know that goes a long way.

6.Your way or the highway

You can choose the exact colour that works for the room, rather than be restricted to the colour trends available at that particular time. Mixing paint colours is surprisingly easy, and a fun part of the process is experimenting with different colourways and finishes.

If you like this blog please sign up to debbie’s newsletter on the decor cafe website for more decorating events tips and ideas and also to Louisa’s at  Westegg – which has the wonderful advantage of including pictures of her adorable dog Alfie – who she has promised will make a guest appearance at a workshop (and she makes and brings the most delicious cake – another passion that we share!)


PS Have you noticed that Alfie blends and tones perfectly with the colours of Annie Sloan paint. I am not sure if this is the seventh reason to paint your furniture – I guess it depends on your dog!


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