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Nicky Hopper gets some crafty action!

Nicky is a mobile beauty therapist and we got chatting over a pedicure at my home a couple of weeks ago. And as we chatted I discovered that, although just 30, not only is she a savvy entrepreneur with the successful purchase, turn-round and sale of one business under her belt, but that her creativity also extends into the home.

I found her story inspiring because she doesn’t have any formal training, she just decided to sew and got on with it and now has created lots of lovely things that have made a difference to her home. This is what she told me…

“My love affair with sewing is a very recent one, it started last Christmas when my mum bought me a sewing machine. I’d wanted one for ages but always felt a little daunted about getting one. I then bought a book “Sewing in a Straight Line” by Brett Bara, and there was no stopping me.  In order to fine tune this newly found passion I went on a weekend sewing course, where I learnt how to make cushions and sew in hidden zips.


I love the variety of fabrics that you can buy, all the different colours and textures available are amazing, and I can spend hours in my local fabric shop.

Patchwork is a firm favourite of mine – it’s great for someone as indecisive as me. I like to pull different colours from a room or theme and turn it in to one item that matches.

My mum has been searching for a draught excluder to go in her kitchen for ages and said the ones she saw in shops weren’t quite the right colour scheme for her home, so I wanted to make something that would tie in with the colours she has.

draught excluder

And with the Olympics and the Queens jubilee coming up this year, I wanted to create a little bit of 2012 memorabilia for my home and my first quilt, so I made a patch work quilt with colours from the Union Jack alongside “London” fabric with Big Ben/Tower Bridge pattern, with cushions to match.


It’s so hard to find exactly what you are looking for in the shops and by learning how to sew it seems to have opened up options for me to make the things I want. And I have always been quite envious of people who have a crafty flare and wanted a bit of the action – and now I have it!”

If you are interested in sewing classes here are some great classes:

Ministry of Craft. Manchester. www.ministryofcraft.co.uk

Stitch-up. Wimbledon Park.  www.stitch-upinfo.co.uk

The Thrifty Stitcher. Stoke Newington. www.thethriftystitcher.co.uk

Homemade London. Central London. www.homemadelondon.com

Sew in Brighton. Brighton. www.sewinbrighton.co.uk

Remadeinedinburgh. Edinburgh. www.remadeinedinburgh.org.uk (check out this fantastic concept!)

And after all that if you deserve to have your toes painted… you can contact Nicky at www.escapewithbeauty.co.uk

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