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Festival Feature: Chunky Couture For Your Home

Melanie Porter’s Chunky Couture For Your Home:

Melanie Porter, The DecorCafe Home & Garden Festival at Strawberry Hill House, thedecorcafe.com

The chubby knitted upholstery which hugs the intricate frames on Melanie Porter’s statement cinema chairs captures Melanie’s flair for creating furnishings which are both elegant and snug. This traditional workmanship of Melanie’s hand-crafted, upholstered pieces is fused with a contemporary vibe of boldness and colour.

Her designs range from grand lampshades and delightful pom-pom fairy lights, to statement cinema seats. Though some are ready for immediate purchase in Melanie’s online store, it is the personal twist of her bespoke pieces which give the designs that touch of couture and uniqueness. Melanie works extremely closely with her clients, either recreating a modified version of Melanie’s previous designs, or reupholstering the client’s own furniture piece. But even if you are just looking for that little personable touch to add to your home, the little pomp lights can be specially ordered in a bespoke colour!

Melanie Porter, The Decor Cafe, thedecorcafe.com

The contemporary twist of Melanie’s pieces finds its roots in Melanie’s grandmother’s crafts books and subscription magazines, from which the designer draws inspiration. The funky 60s and 70s influence of these magazines is exhibited in the mod-style geometric throws and the large Union Jack designs which are spread across upholstered seats. The 60s in particular – an era renowned for reinventing knitwear from frump to chic – parallels how Melanie’s designs reinvent traditional methods of craftsmanship and upholstery. This upholstery revolution is mastered through the designer’s new crafting techniques, paired with the chunkiest, funkiest yarn she can get her hands on!

The display of past memories within the home, through a parade of colourful keepsakes and collections of favourite objects, is just a fraction of what Melanie considers to create a sense of home. Now, Melanie’s own home is becoming a compromise between a fond reflection of the past and a hub of family, comfort and futures. This mixture of memories, familial comfort and embracing the future is mirrored in Melanie’s forthcoming design aspirations. The knitwear expert is currently working on a collection which will branch out from purely vintage styles to more contemporary furniture design. These designs will still be made with that same hand-made technique which gives the piece a family heirloom status and bespoke design which curates that vibrant personality and uniqueness – and of course lets not forget that signature chunky yarn!

You are invited to meet Melanie Porter at The DecorCafe Home & Garden Festival at Strawberry Hill on Friday 5th May 2017. Click here for more info.

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