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Beautiful Eco Rugs for Your Home & Garden

Researching rug companies for a recent press feature for Time & Leisure magazine, I came across this amazing rug company Weaver Green. I discovered them online, liked their designs and gave them a call to find out a bit more.

Weaver Green Eco Rugs, at The DecorCafe.com 3

It was only half way through the call, chatting with founder, Tasha Green, that I realised that these aren’t ordinary rugs, they are made from recycled plastic bottles. My interest waned slightly, I like the idea of being eco, but not to the extent of having a plastic rug in my sitting room. “They look and feel just like wool or jute” said Tasha “Of course they do” I thought. “Let’s wait see.”

Weaver Green Eco Rugs, at The DecorCafe.com 4

Well, oh my gosh, when the samples arrived I was astonished. I fell in love immediately. I have a sample that you can come and feel if you would like to. It really is very soft indeed – at least as soft as wool, and maybe even softer.

Weaver Green Eco Rugs, at The DecorCafe.com 1

I called Tasha back immediately. “Look” she said “I have kids and a dog and I wanted a rug for real families. A rug that can get covered in dog hairs or children’s mud pies and then be thrown in the washing machine.” Yes the washing machine. I love that. A rug that can be thrown in the washing machine is perfect for all those high traffic places. Although, to be honest, I am not sure why you wouldn’t use these rugs in every place, they are so soft and lovely. The bigger sizes won’t fit in a domestic washing machine but you can still wash them down or take them to the laundrette and use the commercial machines.

Weaver Green Eco Rugs, at The DecorCafe.com

What more would you like to know? You can use them in the garden. We are all creating a lovely rooms in the garden these days with wonderful in/out furniture and now we have the perfect flooring solution. If you have small children, the rugs will protect their knees from harsh paving or create a play area on the grass. But forget the kids for a moment, they also create wonderful soft flooring for you to lie in the sunshine, read a book, enjoy a moment of mindfulnes or practice your pilates or yoga.

Weaver Green Eco Rugs, at The DecorCafe.com 6

Of course they are great in the bathroom and a side benefit of being made of plastic is that they are also perfect for people suffering from allergies from dust mites and asthma. Sadly there seem to be an increasing number of child sufferers these days but at least now there is something you can put on the floor that might help in their bedrooms.

So just to recap, these rugs are made entirely (nothing else goes in) from recycled bottles (up to 1500 per rug) feel like wool or jute, are waterproof, easy to clean, mould resistant and UV stable so they can go inside or out and even in the washing machine.

Weaver Green Eco Rugs, at The DecorCafe.com 5

They are also great value – about £245 for a 240cm x 170cm rug. I thought that they might be more, but then I guess that, sadly, waste plastic is, readily available. Weaver Green also use the same material to make bags and throws.

Weaver Green rugs will be available at The DecorCafe Home & Garden Festival st Strawberry Hill on 5th May. Click here for more info.


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  1. Wow! Sounds like an amazing find. Thanks Debbie. Will definitely pop in to see the samples.

    Comment by Anne-Marie Taylor — March 19, 2017 @ 18:38

  2. Great idea for summer parties in the garden

    Comment by Stephanie Upton-Prowse — March 20, 2017 @ 08:08

  3. Maybe perfect for a hall runner too!

    Comment by Jacquie Cheetham — March 20, 2017 @ 09:08

  4. This is such a great find! Thank you Debbie! I have just spoken to a client about this. She has three kids and two cats, so this seems perfect. I would love one in my hallway. Can’t wait to see them at Strawberry Hill.

    Comment by Victoria Hill — March 21, 2017 @ 13:10

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