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Refresh Your Garden for Summer.

Sarah Speller garden design. thedecorcafe.comRefresh Your Garden for Summer

Garden Designer Sarah Speller shares her top tips to refresh and update your garden now for Summer 2018.

A key trend in 2018 is to create a garden that is perfectly imperfect. More relaxed than the traditional gardens that we have been used to, with a softness that can border on the wild. The garden is a place to retreat and renergise, to reflect and enjoy a moment of mindfulness in our busy worlds.

To achieve that perfect imperfection, now is the time to tidy up, but not too much. This means removing dead plant matter, repairing or replacing damaged fencing and jet washing the paving.

It is also the time to mow and mulch. Mowing the lawn and neatening the lawn edges will get the garden back in shape before the plants get going. Weeding and mulching the beds around plants using a 5cm layer of well rotted manure or multipurpose peat free compost will catch the weeds before they start growing and keep them under control for the rest of the summer.

We are also seeing the continued development of the garden as the room outside, spurred on by the launch of innovative flooring such as wood and stone effect porcelain tiles that can be used inside and out flowing into the garden, and new materials for furniture.

Review your current ouside entertaining area to think about the poisitioning of seating and alternative possibilities in the garden to be sure that you are making the most of your view and capturing the sun. For example, is there a second space that would be perfect for a small cafe table to have breakfast in the morning or adding a fire pit for heat in the evening when the sun has gone down?

Think about re positioning seating and alternative focal points around the garden. Invest in new furniture and cushions to give a different feel and use lighting to enhance seating areas.

Spring is the time to review your planting and there have been developments in what is available to choose from. David Austin has introduced new varieties of roses to provide more repeat flowering and beautiful scents that have been absent from recent rose collections. Planting climbers on fences is not always the best solution as they grow and you fing that you are left with the roots and leaves and the flowers have disappeared over the top of the fence for the benefit of the neighbours next door. Consider planting next to obelisks instead to get instant height and retain control.

The garden is one of the most obvious places that we can do our bit to help the environment. Choose peat free compost and natural fertilisers, plant bee friendly plants and encourage wildlife in your garden by providing plenty of ground cover.

And finally a few decorative tips. Pots and planters are a wonderful addition to the look of a garden but look best when you choose fewer but larger scale pots of similar style groupled together rather than scattered around. In shade, use glossy leaved evergreens and white flowers and consider using inexpensive annuals and plant densely to give long lasting effect.

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  1. Thanks so much Sarah – all of your tips and advice are so practical and helpful. And your talk at the event last week was fantastic, I certainly now feel ready to ‘refresh’ my home & garden for summer, thanks for sharing your expertise

    Comment by Emma — May 1, 2018 @ 11:29

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