Kate Dyson Dining Furniture

Barnes. Bespoke furniture for dining. Wise advice on dining solutions for private homes and restaurants. Antique finding. Interior design.

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Bespoke Dining Furniture

Bespoke Dining Furniture

Kate Dyson supplies bespoke furniture, especially for the rooms where people eat – either dining rooms or kitchens.   Extending tables are a speciality.   She also designs dining and kitchen chairs, dressers, buffets and TV cabinets in both traditional and contemporary styles.   She runs an antique finding service both for furniture and accessories.   She will help her clients with interior design.

Her downsizing service helps people when they are moving.   Sorting out what to keep, what to sell, what to give to the charity chop and what to give to the family can  be a headache.   Kate and her associates are the people to contact for help.

Best known for her bespoke dining furniture, specialist skills and experience include making bespoke furniture from Adam style for historic homes to flexible tables for contemporary living, decorating houses from Hampstead to Switzerland and New York, helping clients move home with a particular skill and interest in downsizing and sourcing  antiques, furniture and furnishings.

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