Fiona Cochran

Putney. Innovative and uplifting interior design. Fiona Cochran brings a quality to her interior design which supports families and individuals to create a space that brings harmony to their home.

t: 07795 164755
a: Putney, London, SW15

Based in Putney, Fiona Cochran takes an original approach to interior design, placing emphasis on developing the space from a psychological perspective as well as it’s look and feel.

Taking time to understand the needs of the family or individual owners before she begins, Fiona will often get started with a phase of de-cluttering and then progresses to layout, colour and design schemes. She strives to create a sense of balance and harmony, tailored to the needs of each member of the family that will support them to be themselves. This is the reason why her clients are not just pleased with the end results but enjoy the process and are left feeling uplifted. “I look at the whole when I work with clients in their home not just a part” says Fiona “It is important to consider how the space could work most effectively for a particular family and to create a design that will nurture and allow family relationships to grow before moving on to the more traditional aspects.”

Interestingly this approach has proved popular not just with families but with property developers. Fiona creates just enough design interest to give a property an appealing character whilst allowing space for a prospective buyer to envisage how they could mould it to their own needs. With over 18 years experience in the property industry she understands the importance of applying this within the context of the individual characteristics of the building.   Fiona takes on design from concept to completion working closely with her fantastic subcontractors and suppliers to make the process as seamless as possible.   With ample experience in property development and selling property she also has an eye for maximising value whilst achieving the desired end result.

Fiona has a natural ability to draw out her clients vision whilst ensuring the design is both functional and harmonious.


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