The Healthy Home: Nutition Tips to Boost Your Productivity

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In case you are wondering, this isn’t a pic of me (I wish it was)! I also wish that I was one of those wonderful people that seems to have an endless steady stream of energy that keeps them going from early in the morning until late at night. Irritatingly Emma is a bit like […]


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Kick-Start Your Health 2017. Tips from The Nutrition Kitchen.

Hilary-Davies, nutitionist hampton,

Hilary appreciates that the world of nutrition can feel quite muddled.  With so much information available it can be challenging to know what the best foods are to get each of us through the day in the best of health. “We are told that unless you eat in a perfect way you are not doing it […]


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Vegan and Surprisingly-Delicious Sweet Potato Brownies

Ellie's Vegan Sweet Potato Brownie 180

One of the many benefits of becoming vegan, is giving yourself the opportunity to recreate all of your favourite desserts and baked treats, whilst convincing yourself that ‘it’s okay’ that you’ve eaten 6 and half brownies, because you simply had to find a decent vegan alternative to the traditional egg, milk and butter recipes you’re […]


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Best Healthy Breakfast Recipes from Nutritionist May Simpkin

May Simpkins 180

May Simpkin is a nutritional therapist who inspires and helps her clients to improve their quality of life by improving their knowledge and understanding  of how food affects your well-being and providing practical, achievable plans to make a positive change. A bad diet, lacking in the right nutrients can account for a number of conditions that, all […]


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