Expert Help at Your Side

We are a network of experts all about making it easier and more affordable to create YOUR home. We listen to what you want to achieve and share our skills and experience to help you to bring it to life.

You remain in control of the look, timings and budget at all times, and we are happy to help as little or as much as you like.

Your decor secret, you can count on us to be on your side, whether you would just like a few ideas to get you started, some curtains and blinds, help with choosing colours and paint of a comlplete interior design.

I found the  process to be very useful. It helped to clarify my requirements and to stimulate ideas. I’ve often referred back to the mood pack and have used it both as an anchor and a springboard.” Doug

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We created DecorBuddy so that you can enjoy the help you need but stay in control of the look timings and budget with experienced help at your side. We all need a second opinion, and DecorBuddy liberates your creativity, helping you to create the look that you want for your home whilst avoiding expensive mistakes.

1. YourRoomBrief 
The brief is a valuable document created by every professional interior designer at the beginning of a project to make sure that all aspects are considered and to define your requirements. It is your route planner on the road to success. A clear brief will help you to get there much more quickly and easily than if you just set off and get lost in the back streets of choice and indecision.

We have prepared a detailed set of questions for you to answer about you, your style, your budget, how you use the room and the changes you would like to make. We bring this together with photos to form YourRoomBrief to define your requirements and give you direction to help you to get started and keep on track.

Fees: £50 redeemable against YourRoomDirection

2. YourRoomDirection
We start by creating YourRoomBrief and go on to show you how you could transform your room in line with your ideas.

We will know from YourRoomBrief what you want to keep and what you would like to change, your budget and style. We can draw on our experience to help you to disguise aspects you don’t like but can’t change and highlight the things that you love. We will create your very own personal decor board to show you ideas for colours, fabrics, lighting and furniture and furnishing style with notes on how to create the look you want to achieve.

This is the picture postcard that shows you where you are going.

Fees: £195 redeemable against YourRoomDestination

3. YourRoomDestination
This premium service provides you with a detailed room specification which includes and goes beyond YourRoomBrief and YourRoomDirection to a complete solution.

This is the most time consuming aspect of any project where you turn your ideas into reality. It is also when, if you don’t have experience, it is easy to make mistakes.

We will pull together a complete look to include furniture, furnishings, room layout, lighting, colours and decorative details with a clear specification, list of sources and prices.

Fees: £450 We have relationships with many interior furniture and furnishing companies and pass on discounts that enable you to offset fees.

All services may be provided face to face or online, subject to location. Prices are subject to individual project requirements which may vary, but will always be agreed in advance.

If you would like to find out more or get started on your project please email us 


“I can’t tell you how much we appreciate all that you have done. It is wonderful to find people who really listen.” Sarah

 “I found the  process to be very useful. It helped to clarify my requirements and to stimulate ideas. I’ve often referred back to the mood pack and have used it both as an anchor and a springboard.” Doug

“Wow! Thank you so much this has made it all so much easier. I never knew that I could get help and still buy some things from Ikea!” Vicky

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