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The DecorCafe HomeBizClub is a collaborative community of individuals who are running or thinking of starting up their own home business. Our members include architects, interior and garden designers, caterers, florists, artists, photographers, event organisers, people making and selling beautiful original products and providing the services everyone running their own home businesses needs from social media & IT support to nutrition & fitness.

Members enjoy the ongoing inspiration, support and useful contacts that being part of a like-minded community provides. Membership is £20 per month and includes all of our HomeBizClub events to connect and learn from inspiring speakers.

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Members are also welcome to attend DecorClub events, included in membership. All events require booking in advance and are subject to availability. Membership does not guarantee a place. 

Build Your Negotiating Skills. 16th March. (Surrey)

Gary Lucas 180

Build Your Negotiating Skills. 

Negotiation is about skills and skills progress best with coaching and practice. At this morning session, expert Gary Lucas, will provide a new way of looking at negotiation, the key principles involved and how to prepare better to achieve successful results, whether negotiating with customers, suppliers or just in day to day life.

Gary’s approach is to help people understand how their personal strengths and their preferences lead to their habitual style of negotiating. People tend to do what feels comfortable to them. The key to negotiating well, is to learn strategies informed by best practice, not from your personal comfort zone.

People find it empowering to discover that there are more choices available to them than they thought, and that anyone can learn to plan negotiations more effectively, and choose more productive behaviours. This delivers a measurable improvement in results, but just as importantly, helps people to feel more confident negotiating and even to enjoy it.

About Gary Lucas: Gary is a highly engaging and sought-after coach and trainer, specialising in sales and negotiation. He graduated from Nottingham University in 1985 with a degree in Philosophy and a fascination for the psychology of influence and communication. In 2002 he established himself as an independent leadership and commercial coach and facilitator and for more than 15 years he has delivered negotiation training and consultancy in more than 20 countries including China, USA, India, Russia, the Middle East and most of Europe.

When coaching individual entrepreneurs and small business clients, he applies the same methodology to help people reduce costs and maximise their income. Business is done by people working with other human beings, so regardless of the size of your company, the principles are the same: people need to know how to influence other people effectively during negotiations.

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Manage Your Social Media Skills. 18th April. (Putney)


Manage Your Social Media. A bite-sized workshop

You have at least one social media account and maybe use more… instagram, facebook or twitter. Whether you have embraced it fully or still feel a bit daunted you probably find that either you never quite get round to posting as consitently as you would like to or that it is taking up more time than you would like, swallowing up chunks of time without you even noticing. If so, this bite-sized workshop, all about discovering how you can manage your social media more efficiently, is for you.

At this bite-sized workshop Nicole Antar will share the secret of balancing consistency with spontanaity more easily by making use of the free apps available: Buffer and Hootsuite.

About Nicole Antar: founder of online interiors business, Pomegranate Living, Nicole started using social media to promote her business even before she launched and has found it both enjoyable, connecting with like-minded people and helpful, driving people to her website. But, as a busy business owner she has found social media management apps invaluable as a means of improving her efficiency and maintaing her presence when she is doing something else.

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