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The DecorCafe HomeBizClub is a collaborative community of individuals who are running or thinking of starting up their own home business. Our members include architects, interior and garden designers, caterers, florists, artists, photographers, event organisers, people making and selling beautiful original products and providing the services everyone running their own home businesses needs from social media & IT support to nutrition & fitness.

Members enjoy the ongoing inspiration, support and useful contacts that being part of a like-minded community provides. Membership is £20 per month and includes all of our HomeBizClub events to connect and learn from inspiring speakers.

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Social Media & Marketing Q&A with Louisa Eggleston. 21st Feb (Putney)

Louisa Blackmore 180

Topic: Improve Your Social Media Marketing. In conversation with Louisa Eggleston (Blackmore)

Join as at our February Home Business Club to network with like-minded people and enjoy learning how to improve your social media marketing, in conversation with Louisa Eggleston, award winning blogger and creative director of Humphrey Munson.

Everything in the world of marketing, and social media in particular, seems to change so fast. We will be taking the opportunity to learn from an expert. In conversation with Louisa Eggleston we will be probing to learn from her experience, discovering what she has found does and doesn’t work, what is new and what she will be focussing on in 2018. She is always so generous in sharing her ideas we anticipate plenty of tips to help us to develop our businesses this year.

If you would like to look at Louisa’s instagram and pinterest profiles before you come the addresses are:

About Louisa Eggleston: Louisa is an entrepreneur, award winning blogger and Creative Director of bespoke kitchen company, Humphrey Munson.  She sets and implements the marketing strategy across all marketing media from press advertising through website blogging and social media including pinterest, instagram, facebook.

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Build Your Negotiating Skills. 16th March. (Surrey)

Gary Lucas 180

Build Your Negotiating Skills

Following on from the success of the “Communicating with Confidence” morning, we are delighted to be running a new training session to tackle a subject that so many of us find difficult: how to negotiate effectively. This session will be run by Gary Lucas.

About The Talk: Negotiation is about skills and skills progress best with coaching and practice. Gary’s approach is to help people understand how their personal strengths and their preferences lead to their habitual style of negotiating. People tend to do what feels comfortable to them. The key to negotiating well, is to learn strategies informed by best practice, not from your personal comfort zone.

People find it empowering to discover that there are more choices available to them than they thought, and that anyone can learn to plan negotiations more effectively, and choose more productive behaviours. This delivers a measurable improvement in results, but just as importantly, helps people to feel more confident negotiating and even to enjoy it.

Negotiation is a big subject, so Gary’s talk will focus on delivering a new way of looking at negotiation, the key principles involved and how to prepare better.

About Gary Lucas: Gary is a highly engaging and sought-after coach and trainer, specialising in sales and negotiation. He graduated from Nottingham University in 1985 with a degree in Philosophy and a fascination for the psychology of influence and communication. He then began a career in publishing, where he learned about negotiation at the sharp end, selling to and negotiating with marketing executives and advertising agency buyers. As a senior publishing executive he trained others in negotiation skills and later became Global Sales Director for a telecoms industry media group, negotiating extensively with partners and customers across Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia, and he has been involved in negotiations with people from different cultures continually ever since.

In 2002 he established himself as an independent leadership and commercial coach and facilitator and for more than 15 years he has delivered negotiation training and consultancy in more than 20 countries including China, USA, India, Russia, the Middle East and most of Europe.

For his corporate clients, he focuses on developing organizational negotiation capability by helping executives apply strategic negotiation best practices in commercially and culturally complex situations. Gary’s recent clients include Google, Coca Cola, Vodafone, Network Rail, Nokia, Cargill, Chevron, Pfizer.

When coaching individual entrepreneurs and small business clients, he applies the same methodology to help people reduce costs and maximise their income. Business is done by people working with other human beings, so regardless of the size of your company, the principles are the same: people need to know how to influence other people effectively during negotiations.

Gary Lucas will be sharing his expertise with our Home Business Club, and we very much hope that you can join us.

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