About Abigail Lipski

Abigail Lipski is an artist who lives and works in South West London.
“A girl. Born in a cottage on the edge of a large forest. When small she went searching for the brown, velvety stag that hid amongst the bracken, horse chestnuts popping from their spiky coats into woolly mittened hands. Tadpoles drafted into jam jars, confused but safe, eventually returned to the murky dredge. Bedspreads of indigo disguising doorways to unknown lands…
Abigail looks to the landscape to uncover past, present and future imaginings. Her colours are lush and heightened, jolting the viewer into an undiscovered place that has the uncanny familiarity of a lost fairytale and childhood dreams on rewind.”

We Love Abigail Because…

Her work is totally original, and can be appreciated at every level. On first sight they are pretty and colourful and will enhance your interior. They are also never boring and the more that you engage the more that you see and feel, developing your relationship with the story that lies within.

More About Abigail Lipski

Abigail Lipski received her BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art.

She does interior paintings and creates imaginary landscapes where characters and everyday objects seem to contemplate the boundaries between the real and the imaginary. Ambiguity, time and place, take us to a dreamlike world and childhood memories, filled with loss and absence. Abigail’s many paintings seem to all be related to one another, or are at least mutually inspired. We can find references of a painting in another one, through their color, object or form. Her paintings are like cracks on memories and dreams, with rich and bright colors. They give a new alternative life, which is constantly on the move.