About AnthologyFive

AnthologyFive is a British metal design and manufacturing company making original, contemporary designs, created by exciting young UK designers. Set up by husband and wife team, Chris and Mary, their desire is to showcase metal’s qualities, versatility and beauty whilst promoting young British design talent and the skills and craftsmanship of their products.

We Love AnthologyFive Because…

AnthologyFive products are manufactured to an exceptional standard of quality. Achieved by the use of specialist machinery and tools, in combination with traditional hand skills, every piece will stand the test of time, unlike cheaper, more disposable, imports. The STEM vase and oil wick candle collection is a favourite, with a simply beautiful design by Ceri Almott, hand turned in the AnthologyFive workshop.

More About AnthologyFive

The business was born out of a slow burn of conversations and ideas they had around pursuing a creative venture that could use the exceptional talent, experience and craftsmanship of Chris’ existing precision engineering company.

The name AnthologyFive comes from their family brainstorming sessions! Anthology meaning “collection” and five being a number that has followed Mary throughout her life; highlighted by the five gorgeous children that make up their family.

Mary was originally from sunny Australia, and has a background in small business, photography and a passion for beautifully designed and crafted objects.  Her favourite items combine beauty and functionality – things that are striking and interesting to look at, tactile and serve a purpose as well!  Its this ethos that ensures the products AnthologyFive makes and promotes not only look beautiful but also strive to provide variety in their functionality, interactivity or interchangeable nature.

The range includes both furniture and accessories. The PUNCHed furniture collection, also by Ceri Almott made from coloured poweder-coated steel is ultra-contemporary suited to minimalist-style interiors and gardens. The interactive lightweight table lamp designed by Lara Chapman balances a sculptural aesthetic and function with a playful element: move the weight along the base to change the spread of light.


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