May Simpkin

Cumin and Lemon Chicken with Quinoa Salad and Radish Raita

Starting the year with delicious, healthy recipes from Decorcafe expert May Simpkin

Healthy, Wholesome & Delicious Christmas Recipe Demo with May Simpkin

Join May Simpkin at home in her French Chateau kitchen as she demonstrates how to cook delicious healthy and wholesome festive dishes. Full recipes provided.


|The Accidentally Vegan Challenge: Three Delicious Desserts.

The “Accidentally Vegan Challenge”. Try these three desserts and tell us what you think. Are they just as good, better or not as nice at the full fat, dairy equivalents?

May Simpkin

May Simpkin is a registered Nutritionist (mBANT) with a Masters Science degree in Personalised Nutrition. She can help you to initiate changes to your diet and lifestyle that will have a profound effect on your general wellbeing.

Chateau de la Vigne Yoga Health Retreats

Chateau de la Vigne is owned and run by nutritionist May Simpkin, who also runs yoga health retreats during the year at the chateau. This was featured in 2018 as part of series 2, Escape to the Chateau DIY.

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