Business and Babies

I have never found it easy to separate home and business and always wanted to have it all, hence the DecorCafe Network, but sometimes I wonder if it really is possible to achieve?

Working with Nikki Rees over the past couple of weeks has brought it home to me how lucky we are to live in the 21st century and just how much fun can be had working from home even with small babies… not to mention dogs.

Nikki is a great interior designer who spent many years designing the retail stores for Gap before developing the residential side of her business and, more recently, King’s School Wimbledon. She is also the mother of Jack, 7,  and Harry who was born, almost literally at the Club evening we held in June, with Louisa Blackmore, of Humphrey Munson all about blogging for business (you can read Louisa’s top tips here) – she had to leave early as was feeling a little unwell and, pop, by the morning Harry was here:


Nikki has been planning to have some time off, but when we were approached to put together colour palettes, materials and interior ideas for a wonderful chain of nurseries what could we do?! Nikki of course had the perfect credentials – knowing just how to create a lovely home from home for the children and living the experience of what a parent is looking for.

Logistically it has been a little interesting at times as we have spread colour palettes, material samples and ideas around the kitchen and put together the concept boards whilst jiggling babies and dogs, but it has been fabulous to have the support of so many other local experts also.

Jo Beresford-Peirse has used her artistic talents to create individual motifs for each of the different age-categories – working in the small window of time she has between when she drops her child off at nursery in the morning and picking up at twelve.

Sylvie Garvey (founder of Computer Fitness and Mother of three) saved the day when the computer was refusing to scan by whizzing round after she dropped her kids off and sorting it out in no time at all.

And so my conclusion is that it is possible to have it all, but not without a lot of hard work, and it is so much more fun when you have a like-minded community who share their skills and ideas. What do you think?

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