Transforming a small Victorian bathroom into a desirable retreat, with Tadelakt Plaster Finish

Tadelakt, a waterproof plaster used in Moroccan architecture, was the perfect choice of wall finish for this spa-like, minimalist bathroom.

Cumin and Lemon Chicken with Quinoa Salad and Radish Raita

Starting the year with delicious, healthy recipes from Decorcafe expert May Simpkin

West London Kitchens: Design Tips for entertaining

The kitchen is the hub of the house and the perfect place for guests to mingle. Here are West London Kitchens fabulous tips for designing your entertaining space.

Decorcafe Collaboration: Fiona Kelly Photography Photoshoot with Bear & Beau

Fiona Kelly shares her collaborative photoshoot with Corinne Caddy-Townshend of Bear & Beau.

A Biophilic Design House, Brighton Mews

Tucked away in a leafy mews in central Brighton, this house was the perfect canvas for Biophilic design.

Goring Luxury Lighting

Tips and Tricks for Luxury Lighting from the Goring

Victoria Jerram takes us through her top lighting tips and tricks from the Goring Hotel for recreating luxury hotel style lighting in your own home.

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