7 Deadly Sins of Instagram

Business Club: Video for Instagram – The Ultimate Guide

Learn about using video on instagram to boost your marketing potential.

A Conversion Design Unearthed. Explore The Grain Store

Discover how a substantial design vision has been brought to life through collaboration, creativity, environmental conscientiousness and sheer commitment.

The Art of Building an Impactful Brand

Discover how to differentiate yourself from the competition. (We had a few technical issues but Lidia is fantastic!)

Garden Room Design with Paul Ransom

Garden room inspiration and advice

Make More With What You Own In Your Business, with Erica Wolfe-Murray

Learn from one of Enterprise Nation’s Top 50 Advisers, and pioneering Creative Entrepreneur, Erica Wolfe-Murray, how to make more of what you own already.

Sketching Masterclass

Have you ever thought about what you can actually draw in an hour? By the end of this session you will learn how to sketch decorative interiors effectively as well as how to apply one-point perspective and build spaces from zero!

Decorcafe Home Tour: Cressida Murray’s Grand Designs 1970’s Home Renovation

Recently featured in Grand Designs Magazine, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to virtually visit the exquisite 1970s East Sussex home of Decorcafe Expert Photographer Cressida Murray.

Confidence on Camera for Video Visibility With Jenny Kovacs

Visibility makes you irresistibly memorable and magnetic. Jenny Kovacs shows you the key essentials to be seen, heard and noticed to raise your profile and professional visibility. This is a must watch bite-sized training session.

Rebecca J Mills’ Inspiring Story of Building her Brand from Scratch

Enjoy an exceptionally inspiring & helpful presentation by Decorcafe expert Rebecca J Mills as she shares the story of how she started up and built her design brand.

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Zoom Links We really appreciate it when you sign up for our zoom events on the calendar so that we have an idea of numbers. However, just in case there is a glitch in the system and you don’t receive the link, or you forgot and would like to join us last minute, we add the […]

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