Catherine White. Lockdown Art Exhibition.

With the pleasures of spending time at home beginning to wear a bit thin, this seems like a good time for a moment of inspiration from the holistic designer, Catherine White.

I had the pleasure of viewing her work on exhibition at The Red Art Gallery in Dalston last year, but now we are confined at home, let’s enjoy a private viewing of Catherine’s work right here.

Best known for her beautiful architectural interior design, Catherine has an ambition to cast her creative spell across each element of the home, capturing the natural beauty of her inspiring homeland. Bermuda.

She has created art for the floor, in the form of her original rug designs, as well as art for the walls, exploring plexiglas, risoglass (a form of Japanese photocopying) and a number of print techniques.

“Originally inspired by a walk on the beach on Bermuda’s stunning South Shore, these pieces are intended to remind you of nature, wherever you are.” says Catherine of her art collection.”

So here we go. I do so hope that you enjoy this private exhibition and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Catherine if you have any questions.


“Horseshoe Bay is one of Bermuda’s iconic beaches. Jagged limestone characterises the coastline. When the bright white rocks are exposed to the air, they turn grey over time, contrasting with the pink sands.”


“Bermuda’s sand is characterised by it’s pink hue, which comes from the tiny animals, Foraminifera. When waves crash, they leave a soft gradient of pink along the shore.”


“Some of the most relaxing moments are spent looking out at our great blue ocean. This piece is inspired by a local Bermudian favourite, John Smith’s Bay.  Not as crowded as the island’s Western beaches, perfect for a quick dip.”


“Inspired by a lazy afternoon in a friend’s backyard, this piece highlights the great colours and contrasts between the land and sea in Bermuda.”


“Nasturtiums are found in swathes by the side of the road in Bermuda, and I am always taken with the beautiful leaves and pops of colour by their flowers. My morning routine in Bermuda starts with a run to the beach, passing these gorgeous plants. This is a little meditation on an often overlooked beautiful staple of the Bermudian environment. “

Big Sur

“Looking up through the trees is one of life’s simple pleasures.  A trip to California’s Big Sur is captured in this mirror print. The technique allows for the ink to cover the aluminium still allowing some light to be reflected, whilst for the “trunks” there is a double pass of ink making them opaque.”

I hope that you have enjoyed this Lockdown Exhibition. You can find out more about Catherine White and her work here, and please do leave a comment below. Thank you.

Debbie xx

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