Classic English Garden Design: for Textile Designer Mimi Pickard

The starting point for this beautiful English garden design, owned by textile designer Mimi Pickard, was the need to replace the old decking around the pool. After much consideration we chose a hard wood, which has the benefit of being much less slippery that the soft wood alternatives. This was combined with a Sandstone edging around the pool to protect the wood from the water.

From there we moved on to consider all aspects of the garden design. Focussing on the connectivity of the spaces we reviewed the layout and planned new walkways and a square seating area in the centre of the garden, where at the time there was only lawn.

We designed the path with bricks to match the house, filled with either sandstone or gravel depending in different areas. The gravel was carefully selected to be of a size to avoid movement and spreading onto the lawn, with the addition of a honeycomb hexagonal foundation to hold it in place.

The planting plan combined Laurel balls (a great alternative to Box), Pleached Laurel and Hornbeam hedge around the new secondary seating area and easy to maintain Catmint to make a statement. Seasonal flowers include earlt Tulips, Agapanthus ans White Erigerion Daisies for colour from Spring to Summer.

We added spike lighting to highlight featured plants lining the path at night, making an attractive view from the Orangery overlooking the garden.


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