Discover “Colour”: Morgan-Davies Art & Lafontaine Contemporary Arts, 4Walls Art Exhibition

“Colour” is the latest collaborative 4Walls art exhibition featuring four artists, Christian Furr, Eva Chloe Vazaka, Giuseppe d’Innella and Henrie Haldane, celebrating the power and impact of colour.

“It has been a real DecorCafe collaboration. Anna K Studio helped us create our ‘virtual gallery’ and Anna Cowie designed the catalogue. Who better than Karen Haller to write the foreword for the exhibition brochure, given she is the leading expert in Applied Colour & Design” – Natalie Morgan-Davies, Morgan-Davies Art. 

Discover the artworks here!

About “Colour”

‘“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul” (Wassily Kandinsky).

COLOUR is an exhibition bringing together 4 artists in a celebration of the power and impact of colour.  Each of these 4 European artists use colour in extraordinary, different but complementary ways in their painting and printmaking.

Colour is an obvious ingredient in the creation of artworks, though it also has hidden and powerful effects beyond the canvas. More than just a palette spectrum, it creates moods and stirs emotions with the viewer, often triggering mysterious and profound, primal responses. As art lovers, we can simply release ourselves to its’ influences, allowing the eye, and the mind to be drawn by the artists’ palette into each piece.

In this exhibition, each artist takes us on their own journey, showing how colour has an effect on the viewer. All the paintings in this exhibition are rich in colour, carefully crafted to make the viewer feel a variety of emotions. We can feel how the artists are breathing colour and vitality into each artwork and in turn, these artworks offer their influence on the viewers.

COLOUR is brought to you by 4WALLS. 4WALLS is an exciting collaboration between two established art dealers: Morgan-Davies Art and Lafontaine Contemporary Art. They bring their knowledge and combined expertise of 40 years in the art world, having previously worked together in renowned Mayfair galleries and now unite to curate this beautiful show.’

– Extract from the “Colour” exhibition catalogue.

Visit the exhibition here!

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