About Sylvie Garvey

Sylvie set up Computer Fitness to help people manage problems with their computers, smartphones, tablets, printers and networks. She advises on what new technology is available, what the best options are for each individual, business or family and helps to install it and make sure documents and data are safe.

She trains and helps users to make the most of the apps and programmes they need and to navigate the challenges of organising business email addresses and websites. She works in your house or business, one-to-one. She also runs workshops where we bring our laptops and devices to fix problems and make the changes there and then.

We Love Sylvie Because…

Sylvie has rescued us so many times from sorting out slow running computers to saving lost data and protecting our children with privacy and security changes. She explains what she is doing in non-techy language.

More About Sylvie

For 15 years, she worked for a global IT consultancy where she specialised in managing the installation of corporate computer systems. Computer Fitness came about from seeing a huge demand from family and friends for straightforward, plain speaking advice around computers and smart phones and all the touchpoints in between.

She has always loved IT and solving the challenges it sets. Computer power doubles every eighteen months so for example every Christmas computer games are almost twice as powerful as they were the previous year. This growth is exciting but not always straightforward and she realise that it can be frustrating and sometimes, overwhelming.

Despite current smartphones having more computing power than NASA needed in 1969 when it sent astronauts to the moon, most computers don’t come with an instruction book! For those born after 1980, new technology is intuitive but can also go wrong! For those born before, it can be really beneficial to have someone provide straightforward guidance and support to get you up and running.

She is passionate about getting her clients to resolve their own IT problems, giving them the confidence and Computer Fitness to make the most of the IT that surrounds them and their business.