About Craft Editions

Craft Editions launched in 2017 to celebrate and promote craft. It was founded by Brian Waring who left a long career in the corporate world to pursue his passion for craft and in particular beautiful things made by hand.

Brian travels extensively in Ireland and South Africa to find inspiring makers whose work he loves and who in most cases have no presence for their work in the UK. Brian’s aim is to share each maker’s story by writing about their craft on the Featured Makers section of their website as well as through PR and social media.

Craft Editions is a curated selection of beautiful items for the home, made exclusively for the company and not found anywhere else. Brian meets each maker before commissioning them to make a piece that celebrates their craft: whether it is hand weaving, hand embroidery, ceramics, glassblowing or basket weaving. The range is available online at www.crafteditions.co.uk and at selected events each year throughout the UK.

We Love Craft Editions because …

Brian’s aim is to support every maker, by commissioning their work and telling their story. He is intimately involved in the design and creation of every item, from meeting the maker to selling the piece in his online shop. Every piece is unique and is of the highest quality.

More about Craft Editions

Craft Editions is passionate about craftsmanship and is committed to building collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships with the makers it works with. This includes being transparent about the way the company does business and paying a fair price, to reflect the skill and time required to make things by hand.

Brian’s passion for craft means he travels far and wide, from the Atlantic coast of Ireland, to the Limpopo Province in the far north east of South Africa. Yes, he loves to travel, but Brian also believes that it is important to personally meet the many wonderful craftspeople who make the collection. In this way, Craft Editions shows respect for the maker and their craft, by learning about their skill and telling their inspiring stories.

Craft Editions has received some lovely PR in the last 18 months including in The Sunday Times Home, Country Life, The English Garden and World of Interiors.