Dance for Good: Harnesses the Positive Powers of a Short Dance Break

It is thought that taking regular breaks in our work days helps us to shut off completely and refocus our minds when returning to work. But how easy it to take proper breaks, and therefore stay motivated, when our work days have changed so drastically?

Previously, a quick gossip at the water cooler made for a good respite in our workdays. However, staying inside and working from home has made taking real breaks more difficult. This is where Dance for Good comes in.

Dance for Good helps you to take control of your motivation with dance breaks that enhances your breaks and makes you feel good. The Decorcafe catches up with Anne-Marie Taylor, founder of Dance for Good, to find out more…

Who are you and what do you do?

I am the founder of Dance for Good, a brand new social enterprise that harnesses the positive powers of a short dance break during team meetings to enhance creativity, productivity, strengthen team relationships and obviously have fun too! For the moment with most meetings taking place on virtual platforms, the dance breaks just easily slot into any agenda and provide a welcome break to your online work sessions.

The revenue generated is then used to offer free dance classes in the community to help boost physical and mental wellbeing.

It’s the ultimate pick-me-up for you and your business, with the knowledge that you’re “doing good” for the community too!!

What inspired you to start Dance for Good?

Several things have influenced me.

Firstly my own experience of dance. I used to be in the corporate world and then became an entrepreneur. I hit a low and went through a mid-life crisis a few years ago. So I decided to take up Latin ballroom lessons (having had no prior dance experience as such) and immediately felt the physical effects, but also the mental and emotional effects. I felt amazing and dancing became my legal “drug” !

The second influence is all the research I did about the benefits of dance, which led me to study the psychology of dance and movement and learn the scientific evidence behind the effects dance has at many levels, for physical and mental health/wellbeing, but also its effects on the brain (how we think and how we connect to people).

The third point is that I have been volunteering for a charity for the elderly for the last 4 years and I could see how dance would be a great way to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing.

The final impulse has been during the lockdowns. With everyone sat a laptop all day, it became urgent and essential to get people on their feet and grooving to get energised physically and mentally!

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

I am French Lebanese and wanted to learn belly dancing when I hit that low a few years ago. The reason for starting latin dancing instead was because there was a latin ballroom dance studio nearby and it was convenient. I then got totally hooked and started competing with my teacher in pro-am competitions. I love performing in sparkly dresses and crazy make-up! The best time I had is when we competed in Blackpool. I felt like a princess in a Disney movie and came home with a huge trophy!!

To learn more about Dance for Good, visit the Dance for Good expert page.

Anne-Marie’s Dance for Good Lunch Break is available for members to sign up to now 

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