Decorcafe Conversation: How Colour Can Transform Your Life. With Karen Haller

Karen Haller is an Applied Colour Psychology Practitioner, and, in her own words, a woman on a mission to create a colour revolution.

I met up with her recently to hear more about her new book, The Little Book of Colour, and to find out more about her story. What brought her from Australia to London, started her relationship with colour? Can colour really transform your life?

Karen has always been fascinated with colour, how we connect to colour and how that influences what we feel. Having studied colour for over 20 years she understands how colour affects us, influences us and influences our behaviour. It can boost your mood, enhance your relationships, turn your home into a haven, help you feel more comfortable in your own skin and, not least of all, feel more joy through colour.

Writing the book took Karen on a journey, discovering how colour can take you deep into your subconcious. It can be a healing process, helping us to relate to ourselves, “as we peel back the layers of false self, we can begin to mend the rift between who we think we ought to be and who we really are.”

She explores how when you wear and surround yourself with colours that resonate with you and who you truly are on the inside, it transforms your life. Wearing colours that reflect your personality supports how you feel, how you want to feel and how you will be seen in the world. It makes you feel vibrant, connected and confident.

Colour is a fascinating concept. How do you see colour? Do you see what I see? Karen’s research takes us on a journey through the history of colour and the evolution of colour psychology through to the juicy, more practical bits of how to wear colour, bring colour into your home and work and even how colour can effect your relationships.

Launching today, the book is available at

Karen will be talking about her book at The Decorcafe Christmas Festival at Strawberry Hill House on Sunday 17th November.  We hope that you can join us then.


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