Decorcafe Conversation: Ohhfleur! From Interiors to Wallpaper Design with Fleur Ward

Decorcafe Interview: Ohhfleur! From Interiors to Wallpaper Design with Fleur Ward

Fleur has always been obsessed with interiors and creative ways to make more of her home. When her friends headed off to uni she went straight to work as an interior design assistant to hone her skills, building all aspects of the process. She is always looking for something a bit different from adding a playful touch to roll holders to restructuring an entire property.

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Like many creative people her skills are not limited to one aspect. Her interiors are defined by the use of beautiful colours, combining textures and patterns. She has long felt that there are relatively few fun and playful wallpaper designs – until now when she has launched her own range at Top Drawer in January. She started by creating her ideas on her computer during a quieter spell in the summer, and then asked British Wallpaper manufacturer, Muraspec, to bring them to life.

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They have received a warm welcome not only from interior specialists but from stationary suppliers who are keen to see her designs applied to wrapping paper and cards also – coming soon. Fabrics have now been printed and cushions made in prototype form. Fleur is just exploring the final finishing touches to elevate them yet further – perhaps the addition of a fringe – given the maximalism trend.

Decorcafe_Conversation_ Ohhfleur!

Looking to the future Fleur sees the opportunity for Ohhfleur! in hospitality. Instagramable cloakrooms in high end restaurants, up-market bedrooms in boutique hotels and playful individual spaces in residential designs. She will be taking these ideas to the market at The Independent Hotel Show in London this October.

Fleur is well used to participating in design shows, having twice been invited to display her ideas and skills at  Grand Designs with Kevin McCloud.

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This year she was asked to tackle ” the under the stairs project” – the awkward triangular space usually reserved for a downstairs loo or coat rack. Her idea, inspired by her twelve year old son, was to create a console cave, or mini gaming room complete with beautiful bespoke chair by the Ochre House, mini-bar and screen. The Ohhfleur wired for sound design, with skateboards and headphones is a perfect fit.

What next? A complete collaborative space?…Listen below for the complete story (25 minutes).

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