Decorcafe Conversation. The Healthy Home. With May Simpkin.

May Simpkin is a nutritionist who has been an expert member of The Decorcafe for many years as we explore all areas of creating a healthy home. In conversation with Debbie Blott she shares her story and top tips for eating healthily and living #TheMayWay.

May developed her business from the healthy way of life she shared with her family, cooking easy, delicious recipes. She posts these regularly and they are free for you to use. The most recent is her delicious spiced peach compote:


Recipes – Spiced Peach Compote: All you need is 12 small peaches (or nectarines), 2 star anise and 1/2 tsp (Ceylon) cinnamon. Cut the peaches in half, remove the stones (easily done with a quick twist) and chop into small chunks. Put everything together into a saucepan and cook on a low heat until the fruit is soft but nut mushy – about fifteen minutes. Remove the star anise and serve with a spoonful of yoghurt and a sprinkle of flaked almonds and a tablespoon of granola if you are eating it at breakfast.


Yoga Retreats: May combines her nutrition business with running health retreats at her stunning 19th Century Chateau in the Loire Valley. We followed her on the Channel 4 “Escape to the Chateau” programme as she converted her new yoga studio.

May runs two retreats a year. They are a carefully thought through balance of healthy food, yoga and exercise activities with therapists on hand to help you to rejuvenate and create a significant and lasting impact.


Cooking Workshops: May is generous in sharing her knowledge at our events and regularly runs her own cooking workshops covering topics from gut health to hormone balancing and interrmitent fasting. She will also be demonstrating healthy canape recipes to get you through the festive season at The Decorcafe Christmas Festival at Strawberry Hill House, in partnership with St Mary’s University on 17th November.


The Cookaway: Most recently May was invited to create nutritious recipes for a new home delivery service, launching this month. The Cookaway boxes up the recipes, fresh ingredients and top tips that great home cooks and chefs create in their kitchens every day and delivers them as a fun and healthy alternative to takeaways, that builds food knowledge and cooking skills. This is her Warm Sumac Roasted Cauliflower & Crispy Buckwheat Salad.

And next? If you have listened to the podcast you will have heard that May is promising us a new book soon…

Instagram: @maysimpkinnutrition
Facebook Group:  #THEMAYWAY


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