About Graphenstone

Graphenstone was founded in 2013, with the objective of innovating new ecological, natural and sustainable paints, with unrivaled durability. Six years later, they are rapidly becoming the leading brand of natural coatings, sold in over 45 countries worldwide. At the core of their success is the unique fusion of graphene nanotechnology with natural and healthy building materials like limestone and mineral silicate.

The ‘super-material’ graphene was discovered by two scientists at the University of Manchester in 2004, winning the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010, due to its remarkable physical properties. It’s the strongest material known to science at 200 times that of tensile steel. It’s also a two-dimensional material at just one atom thick, offering unique flexibility and elasticity. The graphene infusion provides Graphenstone paints with qualities never seen before in natural paints: Class 1 strength, elastic coverage, washability, and thermal conductivity. No more powdery finish. The result is a paint system with a completely unique profile: 100% natural, ultra low VOC’s, ecological, sustainable, and healthy, with the benefit of extreme durability, for the first time in history.

We love Graphenstone because…

Graphenstone are committed to supporting the move back to natural and healthy indoor building materials. Over the past few decades we’ve migrated away from natural paints towards acrylics paints, for the advantages they bring in durability and washability. This has had devastating repercussions for both the environment and our health – acrylic paints in production and application are one of the largest sources of cancer-causing VOCs, after car exhausts themselves! Natural paints have often failed to provide the answer due to their powdery finish, poor durability, and inability to be washed. Graphenstone are breaking this trend. The Graphenstone innovation brings unheard of strength and durability to natural paints, allowing us to breathe cleanly in our own homes once again.

More about Graphenstone

The Graphenstone range are available in a wide range of colours based on NCS, the Natural Colour System. In addition to our 96 house colours, we offer 980 interior shades for all your colour scheme needs.

Due to our natural bases of lime and silicate, Graphenstone paints offer a variety of advantages for your home. They are 100% natural and completely non-toxic, containing ultra-low VOCs, plastics or petrochemicals that make acrylic paints so dangerous to health. Not only are they non-toxic, they actively clean the air you breathe! Our pure lime range benefit from the active lime cycle once painted on your wall, literally curing into limestone over time. They do this by absorbing a remarkable amount of CO2. Every 15L pot absorbs 4.8kg of CO2, meaning every three pots absorb as much as a 250kg tree in a year!

Graphenstone paints also have profound anti-bacterial properties. Acrylic paints have a very neutral pH at around 7 or 8. This means they present the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria and fungus, those darks pots you so often see in the damp corners of bathrooms. Graphenstone paints, being silicate and lime-based, are highly alkaline with a pH of 12. This ensures bacteria find it near impossible to grow and flourish on the surface of our paints. The Graphenstone range is therefore naturally proofed to fungal growth, mould and bacteria – even insects are repelled from the surface of our paints.

There are plenty of lime and silicate paints on the market today. So why haven’t they been more successful? Well, they’re brittle, and powder easily. If you paint a sheet of paper in a pure lime paint, let it dry and scrunch it up over your desk, the surface will be covered in dust. Do the same exercise with Graphenstone pure lime range – absolutely no dust. This is due to our infusion of the remarkable pure inert carbon based graphene nanotechnology. For the first time, you can have a natural paint that is Class 1 strength, withstanding the cleaning requirements in your everyday home.

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