How To Choose A Decorator

Choosing the right deocorator seems such a simple thing to do. Ask a few friends for their recommendations, get quotes and off you go. But it doesn’t always work out quite as well as you would like as friends can have different standards, budgets and expectations. So what else can you do?

It is important that you get someone who is not only going to do a good job but also that you will be comfortable doing your work. They are going to be working in your house, potentially for several weeks, and you need to have a good rapport. Rather than whizzing through the quoting process it is worth taking time to assess what you really think of the decorator as a person. Is this someone that you would like in your house? And also asking the question is this actually the person who will be in your house. If not, who will be doing the decorating?

Costing is obviously also important and it is worth digging a little bit into the figures to be sure exactly what you are getting for your money. How diligent is this decorator going to be? If you are just going to change the colour of your walls, it doesn’t really matter how good they are at the preparation but if you want to improve the feel of your house so that it is in better condition it is important that you get someone who is going to put in the groundwork and prepare the surfaces properly. A decorator can take 15 minutes or a day to prepare a door so ask how much preparation time has been allowed in each quote.

If your decorator doesn’t discuss your expectations about the level of finish with you at the quoting stage, it is worth initiating the conversation. Different projects require different levels of finish. You may want beautiful smooth surfaces in your living room but not be so concerned about the utility room, for example. How much time is required for filling, re-lining and prepartion is perhaps the most significant factor in the quote.

A lot of the walls of the properties in the SW London area have been lined to cover the lumps and bumps in the plaster at some point. The corners will begin to lift over time. If you paint straight over it, it still won’t look good when you finish. Be absolutely clear with your decorator whether or not this is something that bothers you and whether or not you think it is worth taking the time to re-line the room.

Check whether or not your decorator has insurance. The answer to this question will tell you a lot about them. For a simple job it may not matter to you but things do go wrong from pots of paint spilt on furniture to broken windows and worse. It is reassuring to know that these things are covered, just in case.

This leads on to an another important question. Do you know how to find this person? Are they just a mobile phone number or do they have a traceable address. Trust is essential and knowing how you can contact someone beyond their mobile phone is a great help. You know that they can be contacted if there are any issues that need to be addresses.

Painters and decorators come in a wide variety of guises from one man bands to specialist teams, part-time novices to full-time experts. Hopefully this will help you to choose the right decorator for you.

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