How To Create A Library At Home

Credits: All images Anna Auzins client projects. Photography by Earl Smith & Chris Snook

We think of many things when we consider libraries — entire buildings sometimes. In today’s flexible living and working environment, however, libraries and work spaces are increasingly important in our own homes, both as design features and practical spaces.

In this increasingly electronic world books help us feel grounded, they bring coziness and comfort to our rooms and suggest the opportunity to escape into their pages, offering both entertainment and education.

They can be as simple as a bookshelf next to a desk or reading chair, or completely transform a room.

Blue home library

Libraries can give an identity to otherwise nondescript spaces — these vibrant blue bookshelves were designed for and installed in what had been the back room of a typical through living/dining room, with doors leading to the extension. A hidden trick is that the shelves over the radiator are shallower, allowing the existing radiator to be incorporated behind a moroccan-style grille, while the back wall and alcove shelves are deeper to accomodate larger books and baskets of toys.

TV in wall of bookshelves

Books can provide colour and texture in an otherwise white space; combining bookcase space with the television creates a multi-purpose modern family room.

A more scholarly atmosphere is created using traditional style; fluted pilasters and cornicing surrounding alcove shelving to give warmth and character to this imposing drawing room.

corner library

This striking L-shaped bookcase takes advantage of an otherwise unused corner at the end of a living room to both draw the eye and provide storage. The various compartment sizes provide space to display art and ornaments as well as books. There are also hidden power points for music equipment and lights!

Home Library around fireplace

Fabulous natural light and an original fireplace were marvelous features in this room, which serves as both a library and a home office — the colours were specifically chosen to encourage productivity and never be boring. A full room of bespoke cabinetry provides both display space and storage.

A tiny library can also be created with just a comfortable chair and a stack of books; the window in this bedroom provides ideal light.

How could a library be worked into your home?

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