How To Have A More Sustainable Christmas

How To Have A More Sustainable Christmas

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important aspect of our lifestyles. Living sustainably by integrating more sustainable products into our homes and being more conscious with our lifestyle choices, can make a huge difference to the environment and also our wellbeing. Stripping back to a more sustainable Christmas can help us to focus on other traditions, such as spending time with family, exchanging meaningful gifts or enjoying the Christmas dinner!

We have collated some of our best tips for how to have a more sustainable Christmas, to help you create a sensational festive day, with minimal effort and maximum impact. These tips can also be used for any special occasion, such is the nature of sustainability, so be sure to keep them in mind for any other future events…

Repurposing Tableware and Decorations

Repurposing and reusing products that you already have is an easy way to start living with less waste. Swapping out disposable napkins and tablecloths for longer-lasting fabric tableware is a fantastically sustainable option. And chic too! Lovely linens and crisp cottons really add a luxurious touch to the table.

Whilst at first it might not seem like an affordable option, using the same napkins time and time again prevents you from needing to repurchase disposables. There are also so many more occasions you can use napkins and tablecloths for. Table dressings are not just for Christmas. Birthdays, graduations, baby showers – every evening if you like!

When picking out your tableware, make sure you are looking for good quality materials. Choosing the right material, and caring for it properly, ensures your tableware can be used time and time again. Linen napkins and tablecloths, such as Craft Editions‘s beautiful selection, are the perfect Christmas table addition. The delicate hand-embroidered little branches of festive flowers, candy canes or wreaths are perfect for a subtle Christmas touch. Craft Edition’s red napkins are also the perfect balance between Christmassy and neutral, and can be used for a variety of occasions.

How To Have A More Sustainable Christmas

Go Au Naturale

We love going all out at Christmas and setting the table far more extravagantly that we would for a typical family dinner! Something about it really makes the meal more magical. Fairy lights, candle sticks and huge centrepieces – in the right combination they create an awe-inspiring affect.

Consider taking a more natural approach to your table styling this year. Granted, fairylights will be difficult to find in nature, however, fabulously foraged floral centrepieces can! (Double points if yours also includes a small sulking French Bulldog). Go out into your garden, or nearby common, and pick out the prettiest branches and flowers you can find. Be sure to give them a good rinse and shake off any sneaky bugs!

For candles, consider opting for a more natural option. Decorcafe Expert, Wick’d Wax Botanics, are hand-poured with natural fragrances, made locally in the UK. Remember, sustainability is also about sourcing products that are local and taking less resources to produce.

Be Considerate with Your Gifting

Bestowing thoughtful gifts to loved ones at Christmas is one of our favourite festive traditions. Seeing your friends and family’s faces light up when you’ve bought them something special, is almost better than receiving Christmas pressies yourself. Almost!

We believe that the best gifts are not only thoughtful, but are treasured forever. How to pick a treasured gift? Pick one that is designed with good craftsmanship in mind, is built to last and is made with love. At the Decorcafe Christmas Boutique, we have hand-picked treasured items with exactly this in mind! By choosing a gift with the intension of the receiver using it forever, you are helping to combat the fast consumerism that is creating a throwaway culture. Plus, there is nothing more satisfying than gifting a loved one a truly treasured present that you see them cherish over the years.

What are some sustainable ideas you might be trying out this Christmas? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear them!

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