10 Ways to Help Your Candles Burn (and Smell Lovely) for Longer

So many of us treat ourselves to a beautiful scented candle only to be reluctant to burn it because it is such a luxury!  Wick’d candles are designed to burn slowly and are here to be enjoyed.  Because they last soooo long, the luxury goes on and on (and on)…  for more than 40 hours!

However, there are ways you can extend the life of any candle by following these top-tips;

Avoid burning for short bursts – ideally burn for at least 2 hours when you first light it. If the wax is molten across the top of the candle when extinguished it will remain flat as it cools, avoiding a dip, or well, in the middle.

Wick maintenance – remember that the longer the wick, the more the candle burns. We recommend you trim the wick to around 1 cm after each use.  Wick’d candles shouldn’t need trimming but keep an eye out for wick ‘trees’ (pesky soot deposits on the tip of the wick).

Re-centre the wick – after you have extinguished the candle, put the wick back into the centre. Do this when the wax is still soft and this will help it to burn evenly next time.

Keep away from draughts – it sounds obvious, but many of us put our candles on a windowsill without thinking about it. Placing a candle in a breezy spot means it will burn faster, giving you less candle time.

Rest between burns– it takes around 2 hours for a candle to cool and harden after you’ve extinguished it. Always make sure that it has cooled completely and the wax has re-set before you light it again.

Use the lid – replace the lid after burning to retain fragrance and keep out dust. The lid that comes with your candle can also be used as a coaster to protect the surface on which you are burning your candle.

Keep the glass clean – if your candle vessels look black and sooty then wipe with a damp cloth to easily remove smudges. Smoky residue can impact the fragrance, so the cleaner you can keep your candle, the fresher it will smell.

Protect from UV rays – if you leave your candle in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, it can compromise the structural integrity of the wax. This means it could end up with an inefficient and wonky burn.

Keep it cool – it’s true, a candle burns quicker in a warm room so store it in a cool place before burning.

Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle – We offer a discount on refills once your candle is finished. Or re-use the glass vessel once the candle is finished (we have seen them used as make up brush holders or pen pots).

Wick’d Wax Botanics is the creation of Designer/Maker Sally McCaffrey who is based in Surrey.   Wick’d candles are inspired by natural botanic fragrances and are a delicate blend of natural mineral wax and organic fragrance & essential oils. Lovingly hand-poured and 100% vegan.  Fill your home with loveliness.


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