Jennie Bartholomew and Tiffany Ring are co-owners and founders of Union Interiors, an interior design and styling company based in Teddington. With young children at the same school in Twickenham they have a wonderful knack of combining the practical and glamorous. This Teddington house is an excellent example. Home to a family of four it manages to be both comfortable and stylish, robust enough to withstand the knocks of every day life and beautiful to live in.

The choice of statement rug sets the tone bringing the space alive with the excitement of holidays in Morocco taken through to the silver coffee table, mirror and detailing in the studs on the chair.

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The wide plank wooden flooring links the two areas of the open-plan living space, whilst the choice of cow-hide rug differentiates the home office and music room from the living room at the other end. Bespoke built-in storage is perfect for tucking the everyday accessories of family life out of sight at the end of the day.

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Through into the kitchen and open-plan dining room the glamour continues, in the geometric floor, reflective finishes and contemporary lighting. The colour of the bi-fold doors in-keeping with the grey detailing of the windows and skirting boards in the living room. The bright blue wall lifts the whole scheme, giving a hint of the life-loving personalities of the couple who live here.

Teddington Interior Design, Union Interiors,

Isn’t it fascinating what a difference just one piece of art can make? I wonder if the kids get the hint when they are sitting around the table beneath? Shhhhh…..

7. Union Interiors, Teddington Interior Designer

The brick wall is left exposed on the opposite wall, with family pics and more informal art just out of sight from the kitchen. The copper shelf brackets and lighting were chosen to work with the pendants in the kitchen and the open shelf allows flexibility for flowers, home accessories and displaying family mementoes.

Teddington - Long shot of kitchen with blue table

It isn’t until you view the kitchen from the middle of the house that you see just how clever and complete the whole design is. Long and narrow terraces can be really tricky to plan, with no natural light in the centre it is easy to fall into the trap of leaving a dark and empty space that never gets used or just becomes a corridor.

Here, the interior design works hard to create separate zones, open-plan eating at one end, work and music room in the middle and relaxed and cozy living at the other. The scheme carefully flowing throughout.

Teddington Interior Design, Union Interiors

And here you can see that it works just as well from the kitchen. A brilliant example of why flooring is such an important part of any design scheme. Here, you can see the pattern and colour palette in the kitchen, which underpins the entire design and brings the client’s brief to life, “creating a bright, bold yet cozy space which incorporates colour and pattern throughout.”

Jennie & Tiffany are exhibiting at The DecorCafe Home & Garden Festival on 5th May 2017. Click here for more info.

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