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    A unique, collaborative community of creative home entrepreneurs coming together to connect, learn and share ideas and grow our inspiring businesses.

The Network for Creative Home Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to grab hold of the reins of your creative home business and take it to the next level!

As a business owner, connecting with like-minded home & garden professionals is essential in getting ready to take your business to the next level of success. Become part of a supportive community and develop critical skills to enhance your business.

Branch out your network, boost your online presence and showcase your skills to people who appreciate the quality of what you do. Connect with other creative home professionals, all experts in their field. Inspire and be inspired in equal measures.

Whatever stage you are at on your creative professional journey, we appreciate the demanding juggle of running your own business. At the Decorcafe we’re here to support you in all that you do and strive to make building your business easier and (dare we say it!) more enjoyable.

So what is The Decorcafe?

Interiors ~ Gardens ~ Lifestyle ~ Home Business

The Decorcafe is a collaborative community of creative home professionals that provides you with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from seasoned professionals and grow the reach of your business.

We put our talented members centre-stage showcasing their skills through talks and workshops. Becoming a Decorcafe Expert offers active promotion for our members in our online features, on our social platforms and in our newsletters, boosting visibility and bringing in new business.

Not ready to feature as an expert? No worries. Many of our members join us at an “academy” level, when they are just starting out or thinking about starting up their business. The value for our “academy” members is in the connections they make, the support of our like-minded community and of course the training.

All of our members have exclusive access to our Business Hub, with inspiring live events, talks and behind-the-scenes home tours. Combined with member-to-member workshops, our experts are equipped with the support they need to run their own creative home businesses, from access to useful sources and resources, to bite-sized workshops and help with their digital marketing.

What is included in my membership package?

A network, business learning hub and self-marketing platform rolled into one, there are many benefits to joining The Decorcafe:

  • Connect with like-minded people to bounce ideas and fuel your creativity, our members are what makes The Decorcafe so unique, inspiring and supportive.
  • Expand your network and develop powerful collaborations with exclusive access to our community. 
  • Learn direct from experts with online tutorials and bite-sized workshops.
  • Promote your business, skills and original products, with a feature on our website and access to promotions on our social channels and regular newsletters.
  • List your business on our Expert Directory linked to an Expert Badge on your own*, increasing your online visibility and driving traffic to your website.
  • Get behind the scenes with the people you would like to meet at our networking events, inspiring talks and intriguing home tours.
  • Pass on your own valuable skills and grow the reach of your business.

(* Listing subject to appropriate skills, experience, testimonials and photography)

What events can I attend?

The Decorcafe runs more inspiring and helpful, exclusive members events than any other creative networking group. All about making valuable connections, building your skills, fuelling your creativity and getting you behind the scenes with the people you want to meet.

In Spring 2020, when Covid 19 hit, we pivoted and took all our events online. The feedback has been amazing, enabling you to reach out and connect to a wider community, or follow up and catch up with the recordings in the Business Hub, when you are too busy to attend. This has been so successful that we plan to continue, to provide online events indefinitely. This will be complemented by our local face to face events, which will be re-started as soon as we are able.

All prospective members are invited to join us at one event as our guest. If you would like to come along as a first-time guest, please do take a look at our calendar and contact us for your free ticket.

What can I learn in the Business Hub?

When you become a member of the Decorcafe network, you are given exclusive access to business management and marketing webinars in our Business Hub.

As a Decorcafe expert, you will also have the opportunity to showcase your skills and products and services to our community, presenting your business to the network through talks, workshops and events. Our network thrives on sharing our unique skills. At the Business Hub you will learn new skills that take your business to the next level.

Why should I join THIS business network?

There’s no other network like it! Founded on the four pillars of interiors, gardens, lifestyle and home business, our creative home experts build long-lasting, valuable professional relationships for their businesses. Being part of a strong network community helps your business to grow and makes running it even more enjoyable with the support of an expert network around you.

What does membership of The Decorcafe cost?

Membership of The Decorcafe is fantastic value.  At just £35 a month there is no joining fee or hidden charges. Your membership includes all of our bite-size training, inspiring and helpful home tours, expert talks and networking events, ongoing support behind the scenes in our business hub, exclusive private facebook group and of course the opportunity to network and collaborate with an amazing group of people who share your passion.

Join for just £24 monthly membership (incl VAT)

Ready to become a Decorcafe Expert? 

If you have or are thinking about starting your own creative home business and are interested in becoming a member please contact us and we will get back to you within, 24 hours.

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