About Maitland & Poate

Maitland & Poate is a London based family-run business driven by a passion for reclaimed, antique, encaustic tiles and interiors.
They specialise in sourcing beautiful reclaimed encaustic and handmade tiles, lime paints and hand made ceramics.

Driven by a passion for stunning tiles and interiors, the family travelled the sunny region of Andalucia in Southern Spain determined to find the best suppliers of the highest quality reclaimed antique tiles. Stumbling on a farm filled with the beautiful handmade tiles they were dreaming of they returned with 25 tonnes of tiles and Maitland and Poate was born.

We Love Maitland & Poate Because…

Based in Wandsworth Maitland & Poate are a local business with an absolute passion for helping to create stunning interiors. Understanding that using original antique tiles is not possible on every project they heve created their own range of new and beautifully designed encaustic cement tiles, handmade using the original techniques from Valencia and Cordoba.

More About Maitland & Poate

Not stopping their, their love for the plastered, textured finishes you find in interiors more commonly across Europe led them to collaborate with a company they discovered in Sweden and import a new range of Lime Paints. Their Lime Paints come in beautiful soft and neutral ranges. The finish is both textured and deep adding warmth and character to a room. The paints are eco friendly and far healthier to live with than oil or emulsion paints.

Coninuing to develop their original range, they have recently added a carefully curated selection of homewares imported from Spain.