Decor Detail: Monochrome Tiles

Decorcafe Expert, Chris Gulson, founder of Maitland and Poate, shares his knowledge and new original products.

It’s thanks to fashion icons Coco Chanel and Christian Dior, who originally introduced the base monochrome bold black and white colour blocking styles into haute couture fashion collections, that our love affair started. Heralded as a ground-breaking new colour combination in the 1960’s and creating a worldwide fashion phenomenon, inevitably it was only a matter of time for the interior design world to equally become captivated by the craze and introduce monochrome into every type of home product they could.

Interior designers and fashionista’s embraced the scheme and an enduring love affair with monochrome began and its appeal shows no sign of ending. The popularity for the current Dior exhibiton at the V&A is no surprise. Whereas other colour combinations are fads and trends which will fade away over time only to be reintroduced as the next generation adds its ‘new twist’ and reinvents a scheme once more, the truly classic monochrome magic has never disappeared or been forgotten.



A timeless look and style is the holy grail of architectural detailing, and the sophisticated elegance of a classic monochrome palette which is aesthetically undatable makes it a perfect choice for both wall and floor tiles. Combined with the launch of a wide variety of new designs, monochrome offers endless applications for more individual styling.

Taking either a colour blocking theme or using the colour spectrum of shades and hues from inky blue-blacks to deepest charcoal through to velvety greys and ending with snow crisp whites is the epitome of style. A chevron formation transforms a hallway smoothing the natural flow from one room to another.


Cement tiles with geometric patterns create an edgy chic look, whilst retro designs and heritage reclaimed tiles with subtle patterns are more suitable for a softer more relaxed theme. Wide horizontal lines make a bold statement compared to the careful detailing of a checkerboard or hexagonal pattern added to splash backs, patios or entrance steps. Both build beautiful layers of decoration and timeless elegance.

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