About Prince & Pilgrim

The Prince & Pilgrim Gallery was founded in 1977 by Mimi Harris, Elizabeth’s Mother, to emulate the friendly open style of Cornwall’s best galleries, connecting artists in their early to mid years with collectors who appreciate their skills.

Specialising in British painting, sculpture and ceramics, Elizabeth took over the gallery in 2015. She puts together two major shows each year, inviting selected artists from the South West together with a carefully curated collection of more diverse artists. The gallery also holds pop ups around the country and exhibits at selected art fairs.

If you would like to be included please sign up to their mailing list on the Prince and Pilgrim website or contact Elizabeth directly.

We Love Prince & Pilgrim Because…

Based in the coach house of the family’s stunning home in Kew, the gallery is at one with it’s founding belief that art is at its best when hung and cherished within the home. You will always recieve a warm welcome and have the opportunity to enjoy every piece of work in a friendly environment.

More About Prince & Pilgrim

There are two questions that people often ask. The first is “where did the name Prince & Pilgrim come from?” and the second is “How did the gallery get started?” These are related.

The story really begins when Paul and Mimi moved to Kew in 1996 and begun the long process of rennovating what was a wonderful but dreadfully neglected property. They started with the main house, gardually moving through each room and into the garden, but the Coach House was yet to be used. That is until the idea for the gallery.

The Harris’s are a large creative family (Mimi is one of 13 and Elizabeth one of 6 siblings) with great imaginations, and the gallery grew out of the love of art that Mimi shared with her sister-in-law Maeve. Inspired by the art shows they visited in London they hatched a plan to open the gallery in the Coach House and stable to show great quality work in a friendly, homely environment.

Combining bringing up children and running a business isn’t easy and so, with the help of two great friends, Jay and Sam, they started small by holding a one off show. The walls were white-washed, rugs thrown on the floor, paintings hung and friends and family invited to come. It was a success, and so it begun.

And the name? The name was taken from the plaques on the stable wall which labelled the stalls of the two horses, Prince and Pilgrim, who lived there in 1902. The plaques are are still there – look out for them in the stables.