Power Hours, Courses & Consultations

Business Power Hours Available at The Decorcafe

Build your home business and interior design skills with our Power Hours, Courses & Consultations at The Decorcafe.
As a small or micro business owner, there are so many skills you need to help you build your home business. You are potentially wearing every hat in your business! You may well be the designer-maker, buyer, marketing director, accountant and legal advisor all in one.
The Decorcafe is a home business itself. Therefore, we know just how overwhelming it can all feel at times.  Most of our experts also run home businesses and many have greatly benefited from our business power hours and consultations.
Book a power hour or service with one of our experts and spend valuable time looking at different aspects of your business. Take the first steps to develop a personalised marketing strategy for example. Or order a set of tailor-made Instagram hashtags you can add to your posts.
Perhaps you’ve built your website yourself or are new to the world of e-commerce? Then you might benefit from a website review to make sure you’ve got all key aspects covered acoss your website. Or a session to review your online shop more specifically.
And whether you are an interior designer or interested in learning more about this field, take a look at our online courses. You are sure to find something new and inspiring to learn, which will help improve your skills.
Elevate your brand, grow your business and keep learning with our power hours, courses and consultations at The Decorcafe.
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