relaxed_elegant_living_roomMy Relaxed & Elegant Living Room

By Lisa-Jayne Baker 

The hardest design brief of all has to be the one for your own home & when I set about designing our living room my initial vision was for an elegant take on a ‘Cornish Beach house’.

I needed a great entertaining space but also a space that would feel warm & cosy if one of us just wanted a quiet place to simply curl up with a book.

I didn’t want a room that would end up being used just for high days & holidays & separate from the rest of the house hence the double glass doors that can be opened up leading straight into the main hall & the heart of the house.

I love the sea so wanted to incorporate as many shades of the ocean as possible without making it cold. Choosing a warm shade of aqua for the walls allowed me freedom to play with various tones of both blues & greens but avoid anything that would make the room look less than inviting.

The driftwood porcelain flooring gave me a base to work from but incorporating our existing furniture was always key as budget played a big part. The large reclaimed wooden bookcase was going nowhere & allowed my love of books to be displayed properly.  Being able to see the books we own brings inspiration to read, which can only be a good thing!

Natural light played an important part so incorporating Velux’s into the vaulted ceiling gives us the rising sun from the east & the setting sun from the west & the colours change throughout the day.  One minute the room takes on the green of the trees, then as the sun dips below the horizon, pinky blues come to life. The pendant light needed to be a statement piece but I didn’t want it to ‘own the room’ – I wanted the natural light to do that for me.

The two sofas were re-covered in the softest aqua then brought to life with cushions in pop’s of azure, teal & pinks.  The roman blind fabric is a washed out ‘sea salt’ from Peony & Sage that frames the sash windows without dominating & allowed me to add quirky designs for the cushions & lots of throws as the room was all too quickly heading away from the relaxed, you can put your feet on the sofa, vibe I envisaged.  The ‘Lion’ chair was the new addition of furniture that tipped the over elegant edge, back into my comfort zone of eclectic & quirky.

This particular angle neglects to show the artwork which adds yet another layer & insight into ‘who I am’ but like every photograph/painting, if there is something that initially grabs your attention for the right reasons, surely anything extra is a bonus?

The room is still not finished & the intertwining circular coffee tables (that are on order) will help to break up the straight lines … Like most things in life, this is a work in progress.

Lisa-Jayne Baker


Lion Chair: Paige Gemmel for Anthropologie

Porcelain Driftwood Flooring: Mandarin Stone

Sofas: Vintage Heal’s in Roma Linara Solent

Paint: Dulux Trade Matt 70GG – 72045

Roman Blinds: Peony & Sage Sea Salt

Pendant Lighting: Laura Ashley






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