About Slightly Quirky

Founded in 2006, Slightly Quirky is an established and experienced Interior Design company located in West London. They work on a range of projects from substantial period family houses to central London apartments.

Slightly Quirky offer a bespoke service tailored to each client, creating inspired, imaginative and interesting homes. Their projects are as individual as their clients with every project being completely different. Rather than replicating a look, they are inspired by original creativity, looking for new opportunities and bringing new ideas to every project to create a unique home for you.

Slightly Quirky are known for mixing different styles, old and new, bringing them together into a cohesive interior design. The belief that everyone is different and deserves an individual home is at the core of their philosophy. They love the idea of making a space interesting and, most of all, usable and enjoyable.

They are creative and imaginative with their designs and love it when clients are open to big ideas and suggestions. “Surely that’s part of the fun of hiring a designer: we’re here to introduce you to some wonderful styles, textures, lighting and design ideas to make your home the wonderful place you want it to be. We are here to work with you, it’s a two way process and we listen to your thoughts along the way; it is your home after all, so the final call is always with you.”

They will introduce you to new ideas, textures and materials, pushing the boundaries whilst still creating a welcoming and enjoyable home to relax or entertain. Lighting is used to enhance their designs and help create the mood and atmosphere appropriate for each space. Their designs ensure a home flows seamlessly from one space to another, so each room has its own identity, yet works together as a whole.

Slightly Quirky help you to visualise their ideas, giving you the confidence to not always go for the safe option.

We Love Slighty Quirky Because…

They are totally passionate about every project. They love what they do and the people they work with. Both the clients and their colleagues. Rather than a job, it is their way of life and they never switch off. They are always hunting out the perfect piece, the next design trend or simply gathering inspiration for their next project.

More About Slightly Quirky

Deborah Moor studied at the London College of Furniture and established Slightly Quirky in 2006; she benefits from 25 years experience in the industry. She has a passion for design and has an innate understanding of colours, use of materials and loves space planning.

Caroline Nicholls is a diploma graduate from the prestigious KLC School of Design, London. She also draws on her 10 year experience in property sales and private development projects, understanding how to add value to a property. She brings a great design acumen, creativity and loves designing bespoke pieces of furniture.