About Tania Johnson Design

Tania Johnson Design specialises in custom, contemporary, hand knotted rugs.

Each of Tania’s rugs starts with a moment that inspires her as captured through her photography: the way light creates shadows and reflections and the microscopic details found in nature. Capturing these fleeting moments in time, the patterns that form and change around us, constantly inspires Tania. With her technical background, she creates every weaving graph herself and specifies how each pixel should be translated in to yarn and colour. This attention to detail can be felt in each of Tania’s characteristically intricate designs.

We Love Tania Johnson Design Because…

Every rug is hand knotted in Nepal and Tania has worked closely with the same manufacturer since starting her business. With each of her regular visits to Kathmandu, her connection with the people and country deepens and she is constantly amazed by the incredible skill involved at every stage of the hand weaving process, from dyeing each shade to weaving every knot.

Each element of this design process combines to create a sensitive and timeless rug collection.
Made to order and fully bespoke, the rugs can be produced in any size or colour. For use in both residential and commercial settings, the knot count can vary according to scale. Wool and silk proportions can also be changed.

Every rug in the collection is certified by GoodWeave, ensuring no child labour is used during the production and aiming to improve working conditions for adults. Designed with integrity from beginning to end, each Tania Johnson rug conveys a unique connection between inspiration, tradition & skill.

More About Tania Johnson Design

The company is owned by London based textile designer, Tania Johnson. Tania graduated from London’s Royal College of Art with a Masters in weaving before working in Switzerland and New York. As a designer for Calvin Klein Home, Tania designed the brands’ first rug collection and discovered then her passion for innovative rug design. She went on to launch her debut collection of hand knotted rugs in NY under her own label in 2010.