About The Brand Storyteller

Do you suffer from brand envy? Do you look at other businesses like yours and wonder how they get it so right when you’re struggling to articulate the essence of your brand? Every brand needs clarity of message, a way to inspire the world with their purpose. It doesn’t matter whether you’re launching an exciting new business or whether you’re refreshing your existing brand to bring it in line with changing times or market conditions. The Brand Storyteller is here to help you shine.

We Love The Brand Storyteller Because…

Lidia doesn’t just write stories for a living; she’s been an avid reader since childhood and has spent her entire life immersed in books. When she founded her business in 2013, she knew she could bring together her passion for stories and her storytelling expertise to help growing businesses with a strong vision for the future to develop the kind of narratives that would help them stand out from the crowd. She calls herself a prodder and a poker. She’ll ask you all the right questions to get to the heart of the what, why and how behind your business and then turn that into something you can use to talk about who you are and what you do for years to come.

PS Lidia’s always good for a book recommendation and bakes a half decent cake (just don’t expect to see her on GBBO as she’s very much a baker-in-training and thinks it would be far too stressful!)

More About The Brand Storyteller

Lidia always says you should ‘start with your story’. When you’re building a brand, your words, visuals, website and social channels should all working in perfect harmony with each other and that starts with defining the meaning behind your brand. Lidia works in collaboration with trusted brand experts such as brand designers, web designers, copywriters and photographers to help clients bring their brand visions to life.

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