The Story Behind The Christmas Robin

Small and cheerful, spotting a little robin when out on a winter walk is always a welcome encounter. A fun motif for many a seasonal greeting card, the robin is a popular Christmas symbol. When this red-chested visitor starts to appear in both nature and our home decor, it is often taken as a sign that winter is here and Christmas is on its way! But have you ever wondered why the robin is such a popular motif around the festive period?

One of our favourite Christmas traditions plays a huge factor in the development of this fun festive symbol – sending seasonal greeting cards! During the Victorian period, the postman was often referred to as a Red-breasted Robin. With their signature scarlet uniforms, it’s not hard to see why this comparison was made! Delivering presents on Christmas day, the postman became an icon of Christmas spirit. Though these days our postman gets a well deserved break on the 25th, the red robin remains a symbol of Christmas cheer and good will.

The robin print has come leaps and bounds from the Victorian prints. We have rounded up some of the most stylish and adorable Christmas robin prints from our Decorcafe experts below:

Christmas Robin cushion

Bear & Beau

Luxury nursery decor brand, Bear & Beau, has created a robin print that brings the sweet little bird to life, and brings joy into your home. Founder and Creative Director, Corinne Caddy-Townshend’s inspiration for the robin design came from encountering a robin in affecting moments in her life.

“The little robin always brings a smile to my face and lifts my spirits to help me face any challenges the day may bring.”

Embossing the robin on the pillow, the illustration “is intended to bring joy and warmth into our family nests where the little ones take sanctuary”. With little footprints circling the sketched robin, the little bird almost bounces off the cushion and straight into your home!

Robin Pop Up Card by Pop Up Pigeon

This robin is brought to life in this fun little pop-up card. Pop Up Pigeon founder, Sally Brockway, wanted to make her robin as lifelike as possible. Sending a photograph of the bird on a twig to their designers, the finished result is a three-dimensional realistic robin.

“We had a huge Christmas range, but nothing with a robin on it and I love robins. They are my favourite bird, so I wanted this card to be awesome.”

Though their manufacturers usually make their cards with red or navy covers, Sally chose grey for this special card. The grey contrasts perfectly with the bright colours of the bird. The card is so popular and Sally insists “It’s one card I never get bored of!”.

Christmas Robin

Lorna Syson

An inspiration for one of Lorna Syson’s gorgeous prints, the robin was a welcome regular visitor to her childhood garden.

“Spotted throughout the year in town gardens and country hedgerows, they make charming, inquisitive companions. However, its at Christmas, when their red breast and delightful song cuts through the winter frost and Robins are welcomed merrily as festive guests.”

We love how Lorna’s robin is given a modern update. Made from 100% cotton, this lampshade is the perfect decor addition for a slightly more subtle approach to Christmas decorating than tinsel and fairy lights. The cut-out style adds and an element of Scandinavian chic, whilst the cream background is clean and crisp.

Each of these robin prints brings a different element to the robin’s personality. Joyful, charming and cheerful, the robin is certainly one of our favourite Christmas motifs!

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