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The Bear & Beau Collection consists of luxury home decor for little humans. Featuring an exclusive range of hand-inked illustrations, premium wallpapers and lifestyle objects, you will definitely love this truly original collection.
Founded by award-winning creative director Corinne Caddy-Townshend, the collection features uniquely created designs. She uses bespoke bamboo pens in her studio in London to carefully and lovingly create each motif.
Corinne’s artistry and entrepreneurial flair has alwyas been influential to her. Even as a schoolgirl, she created and sold her watercolour artwork to her classmates! Later, she went on to pursue a successful career in the design and advertising world.
Later still, upon becoming a mother, Corinne decided to launch the Bear & Beau collection. As a new mum and creative professional, she knew the time was right to use her talent to begin telling her own story.
Bear & Beau offers a timeless range of home decor designed especially for children and the spaces they inhabit. From a nursery, playroom or bedroom, they will truly enjoy being surrounded by the delightful and charming designs from Bear & Beau. 
Accompanying each design, you will find quotes that provide an insight into the inspiration behind the artwork that she so lovingly develops for Bear & Beau.
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