Catherine White

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Catherine White Collection of Art Prints at The Decorcafe
Explore the original and beautiful Catherine White collection of art prints & rugs here at The Decorcafe.
Catherine is a talented Bermudian-British artist and interior designer. Born and raised in Bermuda, she later moved to the UK to complete her design studies. She set up her design studio in London in 2011 and works on both residential and commercial projects in the UK as well as internationally.
Catherine certainly has a passion for texture and textiles. Her collection of art prints and rugs are a testament to her eye for movement, colour and quality. You will love her bold and impactful style, full of movement and colour. She uses specialist paper with a beautifully textured craft quality, creating a handmade screen-print aesthetic. Finally, her prints are of a very high definition, creating a sharp, impactful and bold finish.
She's also applied her designs to a beautiful range of rugs. Working with specialist mills who use a variety of techniques, these are certainly a treat to walk on and enjoy at home. With materials like Himalayan mountain wool & silk as well as Nepalese and New Zealand wool, these are wonderfully luxurious and are sure to complement your interior.
Enjoy the impressive Catherine White Collection of art prints and rugs!
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