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Claire Gaudion Cushions and Rugs for Image on Brand Page at The Decorcafe

The Claire Gaudion Collection is an artisan range of handmade rugs and home textiles inspired by nature. You will love its fresh, delicate colour palette and intricate designs!
Designer Claire Gaudion is a highly talented and experienced textile designer.  And she certainly has a passion for bringing nature-inspired colours and patterns to your home.
Claire embraces a biophilic approach to design, essentially finding ways of bringing nature into our interior spaces. Claire is all about connecting us to the natural world through her gorgeous and thoughtfully designed collection of cushions rugs and throws.
The result is an original, fresh and exquisite home textile and rug collection that is definitely a pleasure to use and enjoy at home. Whether you're after a new rug, fresh cushions or a throw, you'll love the Claire Gaudion Collection.

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