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The Wick'd Wax Botanics Collection is the clever creation of professional gardener Sally McCaffrey. She was inspired by her lifelong passion for plants as well as her years of experience as a professional gardener. Sally has embarked on a quest to capture the fresh aromas of garden flora and bring them inside to enjoy all year round.
She wanted to design a range of delicious fragrances that encapsulate the seasons. And also to harness the power of botanic remedies used for centuries. With this in mind, she started to experiment using the fragrances of herbs, fruits, woods and flowers. Her goal was to create unique, emotive aromas.
After extensive research on wax and essential oils as well as the science of candlemaking (and many trial runs on friends and family!), Wick'd Wax Botanics was born. Sally has chosen the best fragrances for you to enjoy in your homes and spaces. Choose from three aroma families to find your favourite scents.
For example, the Woody Range might be perfect for you if you like rich and heady scents featuring notes of sandalwood, cedar or black pepper. If you like lighter fruity aromas, then choose one of the delightful fragrances from the Citrus Range. These include zesty scents such as pink grapefruit, mandarin and basil. Finally, if flowers are more to your taste, then enjoy the gardenia, rosemary or peony blossom featured in the Floral Range.
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