Original Customisable Wool & Linen Rugs by WAFFLE Design.

For many of us, creating something that simply looks lovely is no longer enough. Yes, of course, that is the starting point but to be home-worthy it has to feel great and last also and, increasingly, we want to understand the impact that we are having on the world around us too.

Ciara McGarrity was ahead of the trend when she founded WAFFLE Design in 2012 to create hand-crafted soft furnishings. Beginning with cushions and throws she wanted to apply the same concept to a more substantial interiors product and branched out into beautiful, customisable rugs handwoven by skilled craftsman in North East India. We went behind the scenes with Ciara to find out more.

0. Waffle rugs,


The rugs have the relaxed feel and textured aesthetic of Jute or Sisal with the softness and durability of wool & linen – and just enough colour pop to compliment a broad range of interior styles. Handwoven by a married couple in the rural village of Mirzapur, the feel wonderful underfoot especially barefoot.


9. Waffle rugs,


Working at home, together they progress at their own pace to create about 25 cm’s of beautifully woven rug fabric, taking care to avoid any imperfections. They understand the demands of the yarn and work in collaboration with Ciara to implement her ideas for the development of the designs.


15. Waffle rugs,


The embroidery is added by a team of seven local experienced craftsmen working together a few streets away, using long needles to pull selected coloured yarn through each of the designs, and finishing the edges and details to complete each individual rug. Finally, once the rug has been checked to be sure that it meets the specification, it is sealed with a WAFFLE Design logo.


Handwoven Wool & linen flatweave rugs from £220


The standard range consists of four base colours in four sizes with a choice of eight colours for the colour gradient banding (yellow, teal, coral, green, indigo, plum, rust and purple), customisable up to 3.5 meters wide.
See the range online here Prices start at £220 with a 10% discount available on all rugs for DecorCafe members use DECORCAFE code on the website.

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